Just Back From: St. Mortiz, Switzerland

Getting There:  The closest airport is Zurich, from which you can catch a train or arrange for a driver to take you to St. Moritz.  It is about a 3 hour drive, or a 3.5 hour train ride.  You can catch a connecting flight to the St. Moritz Airport, but you will miss out on a stunning scenic ride. 

Who is this destination for?  Anyone that is looking for an active, outdoor experience.  In the winter you can find skiing that is appropriate for all ability levels (beginner to advanced), and in the summer you can enjoy beautiful hikes and lake sports.  This is a great holiday choice for anyone and everyone such as couples, friends meeting for a reunion, and most definitely families.

Our Take:

St. Moritz has it all, including sunshine.  Upon arriving in St. Moritz, you are immediately struck by the beauty of the mountains and lakes, and how fresh and clean the air is.  The town is designed to make skiing easy and accessible no matter where you decide to stay.  If you want a hotel that has a ski in/ski out option, they have it.  However, if you want something a little more in the centre of the town and further from the ski hills, there are great accommodation options that have shuttles, or access to gondolas to take you to the mountains.  

The skiing itself is magnificent.  The scenery is breathtaking and almost a distraction.  As you plough down the hills, you feel like you are in a postcard surrounded by picture perfect mountains.  There are detailed maps all around to ensure you stay on runs that are appropriate for your ability level, also making it an easy place to navigate. 

St Moritz 1.jpg
St Mortiz 9.jpg

Hungry and need a break from skiing?  No problem!  Just ski into one of the restaurants, each of which has its own cool vibe, menu, and patio allowing you to eat in that postcard setting described above.  Don’t forget to Apres Ski at one of these amazing spots as well, and grab some sunshine on one of their lawn chairs set up for you to relax and take in your surroundings.  While you are doing this, you get to experience the European culture and listen to all the different languages in Switzerland. 

At the end of the day you can drop off your equipment at one of many drop-off locations and have it waiting for you in the morning.  The ski rental process is easy and convenient and the rentals themselves are well kept and current. 

Now it is time to relax, and you can decide to do that in many different ways.  Most of the hotels have amazing spas, pools and outdoor hot tubs, allowing you to again enjoy the scenery.  If you feel like doing some shopping, there is no shortage of high end stores to indulge in.  Or maybe you would prefer to go ice skating, watch some polo played on a frozen lake, or take a horse and buggy ride around town.

The restaurants are, in our opinion, some of the best in the world.  The food and experience is unique as you may find yourself sitting in a building from the early 1900’s that has been restored in the most beautiful way.  We found all the people who work in St. Moritz took pride in their jobs.  There are a lot of family owned businesses, naturally creating a very high level of service.  After dinner, there are many places waiting for you to have a drink and again enjoy the culture of Switzerland and all that it has to offer.

Overall, we have pushed this trip to the top of our list as it exceeded our expectations.

Our only regret was not making this a family holiday.   This is definitely a kid friendly vacation.  There are amazing ski schools and instructors set up and waiting for your kids to arrive.  You can join a group or book a one of one lesson.  The instructors are also in contact with parents at all times so you can check in and see where your kids are on the mountain and how they are doing.  In addition to the skiing, some of the hotels have fabulous drop off kids clubs.  If you are looking for an active family holiday where you can engage your kids in some outdoor activity, while having some alone time, only to meet back up with your kids on and off during the day, I highly recommend checking out St. Moritz.