Just Back From: Amanemu, Ise Shima

Our TWIL Client, Jesse Silvertown, recently returned from Ise Shima where he stayed at Amanemu. Jesse was kind enough to share his feedback with TWIL.

We arrived in Ise Shima in time to see the beautiful sunset and views. As isolated as Amanemu is, there is little need to journey far outside the resort - the surroundings are matched only by the food.  

Amanemu is famous for the Onsen that run throughout the grounds. Onsen are natural Japanese hot springs, famous for their therapeutic and mineral properties. The general pool area at the spa is actually Onsen water, as is the water that fills each bathtub in the guest rooms. Make no mistake though: Amanemu is a place for relaxation, not high-velocity entertainment. It's basically a resort designed for 400 guests with the goal of having only 25 at one time. Because the grounds are so sprawling, golf carts - for which there is always a chauffeur available - are necessary. As a result, I wouldn't recommend a longer stay than 2 nights. 

But the serenity is welcome, especially in contrast to the culture in Tokyo and Osaka. The general pool area is sparsely populated, so no problems securing a day bed. The grounds are spectacularly beautiful, and apparently are even nicer when the cherry blossoms are in bloom. And the staff is hyper aware of each guest. One of our favourite experiences was dinner at the hut of a local Ama. Ama are female pearl divers, who work in deep water searching for pearls, shellfish and other delicacies. The area of Ise Shima is famous for Ama (there is actually a museum), and the Ama dinner is the chance to experience their culture while simultaneously having an incredibly fresh (and delicious!) meal.