Just Back From: Argentina

Kim just returned from Argentina and here is what she has to say: 

Getting There:  I flew through Atlanta to Buenos Aires which has the largest international airport in the country. 

Who is this destination for? The very honest answer is anyone!  The country is so diverse in its landscape that is has something for everyone, at every age, in any season.  Whether you are a serious wine connoisseur or you just like to drink it, an outdoor buff that loves adventure sports like white water rafting, climbing glaciers or horseback riding or an animal lover who wants to go whale watching, hang out with penguins and see all the incredible species found in the Argentine jungle, not to mention feast on some of the best food I have ever tasted, Argentina is a destination for you!

My Take:

Argentina has some of the warmest, most hospitable people I have encounter in all of my (extensive) travels.  They are a passionate culture that is deeply tied to their land and all that is has to offer.  They have an appreciation for all the amazing natural resources they have and they take full advantage of building the finest resorts, embedded in these resources for their visitors.  The Argentine people want you to leave with incredible memories and love of their country and this is so evident in all your interactions with them. 

Things I was surprised by:

1)     The incredible food.  Every meal was better than the last, filled with fresh, locally sourced ingredients that were mostly organic.  Farm to table dining can be found easily-something I consider to be a luxury. 

2)     The passion and pride found in everyone that works there is something to be admired.  Whoever I spoke with was so knowledgeable about their region, and specific field in which they worked. From the history of tango and dance to the fermentation process of wine you can be sure you will get an education just from speaking to the people who work in these industries.

3)     It is correct to refer to local people as both Argentine and Argentinean, but I found that they mostly refer to themselves as Argentine. 

4)     If you are a scenery junkie like me, you need to set aside a good amount of time to spend there because there are many, many perfect landscapes to feast your eyes on.

Quick Overview:

Buenos Aires: There are so many amazing hotels to consider, but I loved the Alvear Palace for its old world charm, and The Four Seasons for always coming through with elegant decor (inspired by polo) and amazing service and dining options.  If you want something eccentric over the top, definitely consider staying at the Faena Hotel. 

Mendoza is wine country surrounded by the Andes Mountains.  It is where you should go if you want to eat, drink and relax.  While you are there, be sure to consider both Casa Del Uco  for its small, family like feel and The Vines which is absolutely stunning and is a suite style hotel with incredible outdoor patios fit with outdoor tubs and showers. 

Iguazu Falls is a must if you love nature.  Keep in mind that finding a true 5 star hotel is very hard to find there, so you will have to curb your expectations.  This should not stop you from going as the falls are worth it. 

If you are considering traveling to Argentina, and want help planning an amazing itinerary, be sure to reach out to use at TWIL Travel as we are Argentine experts!