Just Back From: South Africa

We just had two wonderful families return from the trip of a lifetime in South Africa.  They started their trip off in the bush, where they enjoyed incredible wildlife viewing on safari (witnessing a Leopard Kill and a live wildebeast birth within 24 hours!!), then made their way to Cape Town, where they spent close to a week exploring the beautiful sights, enjoying the weather, eating their way through the very best culinary spots, and partaking in just a few of the heart pounding activities available (paragliding, and hiking Table Mountain, they opted out of Great White cage diving!).

Following Cape town, a trip to South Africa is not complete without time spent exploring the winelands, where the families visited some of the Cape’s top wineries, which boast stunning grounds and landscapes, in addition to delicious wine varietals.

Last, but not least, our families concluded their African Adventure with a stop in Zambia, where they rang in the new year in style, glamping it up along the banks of the Zambezi River, where they spent their last few days in Africa visiting Victoria Falls (including Devils Pool), game viewing on land and river and exploring the local community and culture.

Both families returned home having made lifelong memories of their time in Africa and could not have been more thrilled with the experience. We just wanted to share a short video tribute they created upon their return.